The benefits
Selling Your Home to DealHouse is the
Fastest & Most Convenient Way!
Here are a few reasons why
It's a 100% FREE service. No obligation just for requesting an offer.
We will work fast and accurately to deliver you our best offer for your house in as little as a working day.
No showings or open houses.
Enjoy the freedom to set your own closing and move dates. Pick which is most convenient for you. It's your call.
DealHouse Values Your Time so We Make Things Easier!

We know that while selling your home is indeed on top of your list, you also have other priorities in your day. Our mission is to take advantage of today’s time-saving technology to deliver fast results, a competitive offer, and overall, the best experience selling your home ever.

Selling with DealHouse vs. Traditional homes sales
  • No contracts necessary
  • Offer in 24 hours
  • Consider it SOLD (to us) once you're prepared to close and move!
  • Support you can count on from your first call to closing
  • Pick your own closing date at your convenience
  • Hassle free process
The Traditional (Agent Listing):
  • You are locked into a listing contract
  • Takes around 90 days to get a buyer
  • Takes another 90 days for the buyer to get a mortgage and close
  • Need to keep your home "show-ready" with many last-minute appointments
  • Endless back-and-forth negotiations and compromises
  • The disappointment of deals going sour last-minute thanks to any number of circumstances