How to Navigate the Process of Selling a Home through Probate

How to Navigate the Process of Selling a Home through Probate Typically, the process of selling a home in probate is painful for the parties involved, as it usually stems….

June 19, 2019
What’s in It for DealHouse? Our Business Model Reviewed

“Are you guys house flippers?” As we’ve answered in a previous blog post: yes, but we are more than that! This post will delve into our pioneering business model and….

October 05, 2018
Calculating the Value of Your Home

Your neighbors might have recently sold their home in which case you probably think your own home’s value is within that ballpark. Is it? Well, that price tag isn’t as….

September 08, 2018
Revolutionizing Real Estate Beyond Flipping Homes

DealHouse has reimagined the home selling experience by giving homeowners all the power when it comes to one of the most significant decisions they will be making in their life…..

March 15, 2018
When Your Pending Home Sale Goes South

Sure, finally getting a sales contract signed and seeing your property shift from for sale to pending is quite an accomplishment. However, I wouldn’t celebrate because the deal isn’t done….

January 08, 2018
DealHouse Explains Its Home Inspection and Repair Process

Next, to your appraisal, home inspection and repairs can also be a huge headache. Imagine a never-ending barrage of questions covering your roof to your basement. You will also need….

November 08, 2017
How Much Does Selling Your Home With A Realtor Actually Cost?

Even if you’re a newbie to home selling, it’s easy to understand how the total cost of selling your home is calculated using the simple analogy of booking your next….

September 18, 2017
Homeowners Pet Peeves about Home Selling

So, you’re ready to buy your dream house (your next one, anyway) but haven’t sold your current house yet. How much longer do you think it will take? The longer….

September 08, 2016