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Long Island’s Best Foreclosure Attorneys

Foreclosures happen more often than you may think. Long Island Business News notes that, in 2018, Suffolk County reported a foreclosure rate of 1.71% and Nassau County reported 0.77%. In….

July 22, 2020

What Must You Disclose When Selling a House in Long Island

Home sellers work hard to present their property in the best light possible through well-lit photographs, strategic staging, and the honeyed words of their realtor. However, there are certain facts….

July 07, 2020

How to Buy a House Contingent on Selling Yours

In an ideal world, homeowners could perfectly time their current house’s sale and settlement with the closing date of their new house. However, in the real world, timing can be….

June 24, 2020

Should You Renovate Your Home Before You Sell?

Home—it’s where your kids bounce balls off of walls, pets scamper about the floors, and the years pass one after the next. By the time you’re ready to sell your….

June 17, 2020

Long Island Home Value Spikes – Is it Temporary?

Spring is the time in which the housing market normally rebounds from a slow winter, but 2020 proves itself to the exception. Patch.com notes that the number of Long Island….

May 16, 2020

Selling a House in a Flood Zone: Tips for Long Island Homeowners

You may have fulfilled your lifelong dream of living by the water but, now that you need to move, you face the challenges of selling property within a flood zone…..

April 15, 2020

What to Know About Selling Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 20th, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo prohibited open houses and showings because of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. While this development was met with general approval by….

March 23, 2020

Why Selling Your Long Island Home To An iBuyer Is Worth It

The beauty of using an iBuyer is it simplifies the house selling process. It takes away the work and anxiety of selling your home to buy another. For iBuyers in….

February 26, 2020

Top 3 Tips To Selling A House In Poor Condition

Selling a house in poor condition can certainly be stressful for home sellers. It is in many ways a delicate balance of getting your investment back and actually selling your….

February 04, 2020

Selling Your Home Made Easy: Sell Your Long Island Home As-Is To DealHouse

Selling your home on Long Island as-is means that you are selling it without doing any repairs, renovations, and other fixing endeavors before listing it for sale.  When you list….

February 03, 2020

Want To Sell Your Long island Home Fast? An iBuyer May Be Exactly What You Need!

Gone are the days when selling your home meant tedious cleaning, staging, and marketing—not to mention weeks (or even months) of waiting time. Thanks to a new option called iBuying,….

January 28, 2020

What is an iBuyer? Why sell to an iBuyer? What is the iBuying Process?

There is a new trend that many home sellers are finding very helpful. It is called iBuyer, or iBuying. There are plenty of benefits for home sellers to go the….

January 21, 2020

Important Facts About Selling A Home As-Is In Today’s Real Estate Market

Selling a home as-is can be a bit challenging in the traditional real estate market. You may be considering this question if you’re planning on selling your home in Suffolk….

January 14, 2020

Selling Your Home iBuyer Important Facts And Tips

Selling your home can be stressful and very complex, especially if you are going the traditional real estate agent route. But it certainly doesn’t need to be. The concept of….

January 13, 2020

6 Essential Home Seller Tips To Living In A “For-Sale” Home

Selling a home can be exciting. You are planning on starting a new chapter in your life and once your home is sold, you can begin that journey. However, selling….

December 31, 2019

Top Home Sale Tips To Sell Your Home In The New Year

If you’re planning to sell your home in the New Year, it is best to plan your home sale as early in 2020 as possible. And January is a great….

December 30, 2019

Selling Your Home? Here Are The Home Updates Buyers Want

One of the most common home seller questions is, “How can I get more money for my home and sell it faster?” If you are a home seller, you have….

December 19, 2019

Selling Your Home On Long Island? Here Are A Few Important Open House Tips

Open houses are great for marketing homes for sale, and they are often a go-to strategy to peak home buyer interest without a scheduled showing. If you’re selling your home….

December 12, 2019

Is Your Home Not Selling? You Could Be Making Home Selling Mistakes!

Selling a home is certainly not easy. There are listing agents to choose from, repairs and renovations to make, decluttering to attend to, deep cleaning involved, and much more. In….

December 11, 2019

Should Home Sellers Be Home During A Showing To Prospective Buyers?

This is definitely a common question, “Should home sellers be home during a showing to prospective buyers?” It is actually not uncommon for home sellers to be home when home….

December 10, 2019

When Is A Home Considered Sold? Home Selling Process Explained

If you’re selling your home, you may be wondering what steps are factored into the home selling process. Selling a home is definitely not like selling anything else. There are….

December 06, 2019

Top 4 Frustrating Reasons Why Your Home Is Not Selling

Your home has been on the real estate market for months and still no sale. No serious home buyers, and no offers. This can be very frustrating for home sellers…..

December 04, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Selling Your Home During The Holidays

Are you selling your home during the holidays? Has it been a bit slow going? There are certainly a number of benefits and drawbacks to selling your home during the….

December 02, 2019

29 Home Seller Real Estate Terms You Need To Know

Real estate terms can be difficult to understand, especially for a home seller or home buyer. Terms like “Comps” and “Short Sale” can add to the stress of selling your….

November 29, 2019

The Real Estate Cash Offer Explained For Home Sellers And iBuyers

The real estate market is changing. The digital era has ushered in a number of streamlined processes for buying and selling a home via the cash offer. In many cases,….

November 25, 2019

8 Home Selling Tips To Sell In 2020 From DealHouse Direct House Buying Experts

Are you planning to sell your home in the New Year? Selling a house anytime of year can be challenging, stressful, and downright exhausting. However, with a few home selling….

November 22, 2019

Home Values in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

Are you selling your home in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York? This could be a good time to sell your home in Suffolk County, since the average home value….

November 21, 2019

How To Sell A House By Owner: What Paperwork Do I Need?

Knowing how to sell a house by owner involves a lot of research, time, and patience. Not only will you need to research your local real estate market to set….

November 19, 2019

Checkout DealHouse’s 3-Step Method To Calculate The Most Competitive Price For Your Home

If you are selling your home, selling your home fast, or ready to sell your home fast for cash, DealHouse can help. How? We buy homes for cash, and it’s….

November 19, 2019

4 Ways To Calculate My Home Value

As a homeowner, having a good idea about the value of your home is important. Regardless if you’re ready to sell your home or not. Your home was a major….

November 15, 2019

Selling A Home In Suffolk County Long Island? Here Are 5 Expert Tips

Do you need to sell your house in Suffolk County Long Island fast? You may have just landed your dream job across the country, or maybe upgrading to a bigger….

November 13, 2019

How To Get A Home Cash Offer In Less Than 24 Hours

There are a few approaches to selling your home. You can list your home on the market via a traditional real estate agent. You can list your home “for sale….

November 11, 2019

5 Tips On How To Sell Your Home Fast In Long Island

If you want to know how to sell your home fast, especially in Long Island, we have just the right tips for you. And time is definitely of the essence…..

November 08, 2019

Most Important Questions To Ask Before Selling Your Home

Selling your home is not easy. There are a lot of decisions to make before selling your house, especially if you need to sell a house fast. But, you can….

November 05, 2019

Help, I Need To Sell My House Quickly

Selling a house fast can be an emotional roller-coaster. There are a number of reasons a homeowner would need to sell a house fast, and not all are good. You….

November 01, 2019

How Long Does It Take To Sell A House? 5 Factors You Need To Know

It takes a few steps to sell a house, especially in Long Island. The process could take weeks, and in some cases months. There is preparation, staging, and closing to….

October 30, 2019

Home Inspection Details When Selling Your Home In Long Island, Are There Big Differences?

Home Inspections (HIs) apply to every method of selling your home. Are there big differences, and what can you expect from the different home inspection models? DealHouse dealt with the….

October 26, 2019

iBuyer Versus Realtor Versus For Sale By Owner (FSBO): Which Of The Three Comes Out On Top?

Homeowners entering the real estate market as sellers are generally unprepared. They have pre-conceptions that quickly dissolve when confronted by the flurry of moving parts that create new stresses unimagined…..

October 26, 2019

Meet The Bronsons – Right After They Found The DealHouse Way Of Selling Their Home

Please meet the Bronsons – a typical American middle-class, hard-working family, juggling expenses sometimes to enjoy the better things in life. Their biggest asset is their home in Amityville, Long….

October 25, 2019

Navigating A Home Sale Through Probate Takes Patience And Some Thinking On Your Feet

Probate is the legal process that takes place after the owner dies. For the dependents, it’s a painful process, involving sensitivities, sentimentalism, and, of course, sadness. Probate usually rules when….

October 25, 2019

The “For Sale By Owner” Home Selling Model: Is it a good idea?

The “For Sale By Owner (FSBO)” home selling model. Is it a good idea? Your home, probably your most significant asset, is about to go onto the selling block. The….

October 25, 2019

Things Home Sellers hate about working with Realtors, and the best way to push them aside

Things Home Sellers hate about working with Realtors, and the best way to push them aside. When you hire a realtor, you should bank on an action-packed, average sixty-five-day sales….

October 24, 2019

Selling Your Home With A Realtor Versus New And Popular Alternative Options

A transparent look at the costs of selling your home with a realtor versus new and popular alternative options. Realtor centric marketing costs may look straight forward at first sight,….

October 23, 2019

DealHouse’s Home Inspection And Repair Process Is Not An Obstacle to A Fast-Moving Cash Offer

DealHouse’s Home Inspection and Repair Process is not an obstruction to a fast-moving cash offer for your house at fair value. Traditional marketing of your home, if an offer is….

October 22, 2019

Coping With Contingency Obstacles In Residential Offers, And The DealHouse Easy Solution

Are you coping with contingency obstacles? Wow! What a win. The offer’s in, so there’s nothing can go wrong, can go wrong, can go wrong – you get the picture!….

October 21, 2019

Calculating The Value Of Your Home

How do I calculate the value of my home? Calculating the value of your home explained. Your neighbors just sold for a nice number. You probably assume your own home’s….

October 16, 2019

Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing The DealHouse Way

Revolutionizing real estate marketing the DealHouse way Selling a home, arguably one’s highest value asset is a seismic event in the lives of most people. When the deal closes, and….

October 15, 2019

Homeowners Like The Extra Benefits Of Direct Home Sales, Aside From The Convenience

Homeowners like the extra benefits of Direct Home Sales, aside from the convenience Millennials are a generational force shaping modern communications, and everybody else seems short on that valuable resource….

October 15, 2019

Why Is My Home Price Falling In A Market Where Prices Are Going Up?

Can it be more disappointing to find that your home price is going down, while the news headlines shout about house prices rising? How can it be possible? You’ve lived….

October 13, 2019

Why More Long Islanders Are Selling Their Home To DealHouse

Why More Long Islanders Are Selling Their Homes To DealHouse Rapid change in the residential real estate markets – a Reality for Long Islanders On any one day, in any….

October 09, 2019

Sell Your House Fast Without Giving Up Value

Sell Your House Fast Without Giving Up Value  Speed when it comes to selling your house makes it easy on your pocket and your mind. Once you decide to move….

October 08, 2019

How to Navigate the Process of Selling a Home through Probate

How to Navigate the Process of Selling a Home through Probate Typically, the process of selling a home in probate is painful for the parties involved, as it usually stems….

June 19, 2019

What’s in It for DealHouse? Our Business Model Reviewed

“Are you guys house flippers?” As we’ve answered in a previous blog post: yes, but we are more than that! This post will delve into our pioneering business model and….

October 05, 2018

Calculating the Value of Your Home

Your neighbors might have recently sold their home in which case you probably think your own home’s value is within that ballpark. Is it? Well, that price tag isn’t as….

September 08, 2018

Revolutionizing Real Estate Beyond Flipping Homes

DealHouse has reimagined the home selling experience by giving homeowners all the power when it comes to one of the most significant decisions they will be making in their life…..

March 15, 2018

When Your Pending Home Sale Goes South

Finally getting a sales contract signed and seeing your property shift from for sale to pending is quite an accomplishment. However, I wouldn’t celebrate quite yet, because the deal isn’t….

January 08, 2018

DealHouse Explains Its Home Inspection and Repair Process

Next, to your appraisal, home inspection and repairs can also be a huge headache. Imagine a never-ending barrage of questions covering your roof to your basement. You will also need….

November 08, 2017

How Much Does Selling Your Home With A Realtor Actually Cost?

Even if you’re a newbie to home selling, it’s easy to understand how the total cost of selling your home is calculated using the simple analogy of booking your next….

September 18, 2017

Homeowners Pet Peeves about Home Selling

So, you’re ready to buy your dream house (your next one, anyway) but haven’t sold your current house yet. How much longer do you think it will take? The longer….

September 08, 2015

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