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Selling Your Home On Long Island? Here Are A Few Important Open House Tips

Selling Your Home On Long Island? Here Are A Few Important Open House Tips
December 12, 2019

Open houses are great for marketing homes for sale, and they are often a go-to strategy to peak home buyer interest without a scheduled showing. If you’re selling your home on Long Island, an open house is a must. Unless your home is in not so great condition, or the location is not suitable.

If you are using a real estate agent to sell your home on Long Island, and they have not brought up the topic of having an open house, you should definitely bring it up. Because getting more walk-through traffic at your for sale home is the best way to land an offer.

Let’s take a closer look at a few important open house tips for selling your home on Long Island.

When Should I Have An Open House?

You definitely want to have an open house over the weekend, because home buyers are not working and typically house hunt on Saturdays and Sundays. The day and month are also important factors involved when choosing when to have an open house, especially when selling your home on Long Island.

Typically you want to choose a day and month that has no competing events in your area, as well as no holidays. For instance, an open house on Labor Day weekend may not be ideal for maximum buyer traffic. Having an open house the day of the annual community festival is also not a good idea.

Weather can also be a determining factor for how much home buyer traffic you get for your open house. If it’s raining, snowing, or windy, it may not be suitable weather. This time of year it can be tough to gauge on Long Island, so check weather forecasts.

Getting Prepared For Your Open House On Long Island

You will want to start preparing for your open house about a week prior. If you have a realtor, they may have a strategy and action plan to increase home buyer traffic. If you’re selling your home on Long Island “By Owner” you will need to do the marketing yourself.

Here are a few quick open house preparation tips:

  • Begin to stage your home for the open house. Staging your home is a very important open house tip, because it is a chance to highlight your home’s key features while discarding the not so great stuff. For instance, you will want to declutter your home as much as possible. And also depersonalize it by taking down the family photos and similar items personal to you and your family.
  • Increase your home’s curb appeal. A week before the open house, you should hire a landscaper to come in and spruce up the front and back of your home. Even though it’s an open house, potential home buyers will absolutely be looking at the exterior.
  • Host a pre-event just for real estate agents and brokers. This can be a great way to get feedback about how your home shows. You can also get tips on your asking price and more. The only downside here is that you may end up hiring an agent and needing to pay them up to 6% commission from your home sale.

If you have pets, be sure to make arrangements for them to be elsewhere. You don’t want them messing up a possible sale by slobbering all over buyers.

2 to 3 Days Before The Open House

It’s crunch time 2 to 3 days out. This is when you’ll need to start really deep cleaning. You want all pet hair gone, bathrooms looking perfect, appliances shiny, and flooring shimmering. And don’t forget the windows, an often overlooked part of the home. Clean as much as possible, or bring in the professionals to ensure your home is perfect. 

Once clean and shiny, take plenty of photos and create a small one page brochure buyers can take home with them. You can include photos, key selling features like new appliances, home size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and more. Just keep in mind that a good balance of photos and text is best.

The Day Before Your Open House

If you prepared and stuck to the schedule, most of the work is done. You simply need to maintain the cleanliness of your home and do one last sweep to ensure everything is perfect. 

The day before your open house, you should definitely air out your home and ensure it smells good. Consider scented candles and baking cookies. You could even head to the local florist and get a few arrangements to add extra ambiance for home buyers.

Selling Your Home On Long Island Without An Open House

If all this open house preparation sounds like too much work, there are options to skip the open house altogether and actually sell your house faster. This is where direct home buyers like DealHouse come in. 

You can get a competitive cash offer on your Long Island home within 24 hours and even choose your closing date. Some of our clients have sold their homes to us and moved on with the next chapter of their lives within a week or two. Selling your home is really that simple.

Checkout our 3-step home buying methodology:

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Long Island cities to get cash offer on a house with DealHouse

Get an offer on your home with DealHouse, because you don’t need to deal with the stress and hassle of selling your home. You may be surprised by how competitive our offers are.

Home Values in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York
November 21, 2019

Are you selling your home in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York? This could be a good time to sell your home in Suffolk County, since the average home value is $413,500.

In fact, over the past year, home values in Suffolk County, Long Island increased by around 8.5 percent. The real estate market in Suffolk County is also predicted to increase by 4 percent in the next few months as well. 

This is great for sellers. Although the average home list price is around $539,000, homes actually sell for far less in Suffolk County, around $400,000. This means home sellers may need to really consider their asking prices.

Here are some average home values in a few Suffolk County cities:

  • Smithtown – $520,000
  • Centereach – $344,700
  • Ronkonkoma – $352,700
  • Lake Grove – $401,000
  • West Babylon – $390,000
  • Wyandanch – $300,000
  • Deer Park – $371,000
  • Kings Park – $455,000
  • Central Islip – $374,000

Get a cash offer on your Long Island home in 24 hours with DealHouse. You even get to choose your closing date.

Foreclosures play a role in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York home values

Over the next few years, home foreclosures may impact home values on Long Island. Currently, around 0.3 homes in Suffolk County are foreclosed on.

This is much lower than the rest of New York and New Jersey Metro, which is just under one per 10,000 homes. The national home foreclosure average is 1.2, so Long Island is doing better than the rest of the country.

Non-payment on mortgages is a big problem

The home foreclosure rate may rise in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York due to the high mortgage non-payment rate in the county. Currently, mortgage non-payments are around 3.2 percent in Suffolk. This is 2.1 percent higher than the national average of 1.1 percent.

Most US home values have decreased significantly between 2007 and 2011, around a 20 percent decrease. This has led to more mortgage non-payments with many homeowners upside down on their mortgages, owing more than the value of their home.

This is a big problem in Suffolk County with 14 percent of Long Island home owners having negative equity in their homes.

Are you ready to sell your home fast in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York?

There is a lot involved in selling a home. Especially if you go the traditional real estate agent route. As the above real estate home value statistics point out, homeowners are getting over $100,000 less than their asking price.

This means you may need to readjust your asking price to stay competitive in the local real estate market.

And if you want to sell your home fast on Long Island, you may be in for a surprise. The average home will sit on the market for a little more than two months. This is the average. It could be many months more before you close on a home sale, or it could be less.

You also need to consider the costs and fees involved when selling a home. For example, a real estate agents average commission is about 6 percent. If you live in Laurel and sell your home for $550,000, you can expect to shell out $33,000 to the real estate company.

There are also closing costs, home seller fees, and don’t forget the repairs you may need to do to get your home ready to be listed on the market.

Skip the home repairs, selling costs and commissions, and sell your home fast with DealHouse

If you want or need to sell your home fast on Long Island, DealHouse can help. We are a direct buyer of homes on Long Island, New York in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

Here’s a list of where we buy houses:

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  • Step 1: Provide your home’s address and details about your home online using the DealHouse get an offer form.
  • Step 2: DealHouse home value experts match sale prices of comparable homes in your area of Long Island.
  • Step 3: After we compare the comps of your home and take into account your home’s unique features, you get a cash offer within 24 hours to accept or decline. You even get to choose your closing date.

Here’s a quick video explainer . . .

If you want or need to sell your home fast, get an offer on your home with DealHouse and move forward in your life on your terms. We are ready to help you sell your home fast today!

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