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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We have answers.

Your General Questions

DealHouse is a different, faster, and smarter way to approach selling your house. As a direct home buyer, we can offer you more control and flexibility as well as a better overall value when you’re in the market to sell your most valuable investment—your home! Whether you want to sell your house in a couple of months or now, DealHouse is your buyer.

DealHouse’s is dedicated to taking out the confusion and anxiety often associated with selling your home through the usual real estate sales process. Instead, as a direct home buyer, we can help you:

  • Receive a timely and fair market value offer for your house
  • Offer you the best deal your home so you can consider it sold right away
  • Sell your home fast especially if your situation warrants like moving for a job, property you’ve inherited, divorce situation, repairs needed, etc.
  • Get fair and transparent guidance from us, A to Z, from our first discussion to your purchase payout check

We are interested in purchasing houses in the New York state area, specifically:

  • Long Island
  • Queens
  • Suffolk County
  • Nassau County

We staff and serve these areas where can offer top-notch expertise in all aspects of direct home buying to you, the home-seller. This means we look at quality properties, make you the best offer possible, and provide unmatched customer service.

We are interested in buying all kinds of houses regardless of condition or situation. Contact us if your property falls under the below conditions:

  • Homes need to be located in a region DealHouse covers (see above).
  • You must prove your undeniable ownership of the home.
  • Home must be $1,000,000 or less in valuation.
  • Residential properties such as single family homes, townhouses, and condominiums (multifamily and commercial properties are purchased on a case by case basis).
  • Any outstanding leasing agreements must be terminated at closing unless otherwise specified.

We can act and close as soon as a week or as long as 6 months. We leave it entirely up to what is the most convenient for you. Tell us how quickly you want to sell your home!

DealHouse DOES NOT require or suggest that you list your house with a Realtor! If you already have a real estate listing agent – Do not worry! We will work with your agent as required by your pre-existing contract and make an offer for your home through them. Please note, however, that a commission on the sale will be charged and paid to your Realtor. This will be deducted from the Net earnings after closing. You will need to consult prior real estate agreement to verify the actual amounts. We request you inform DealHouse of this status when you initially contact us either by the form at the bottom of the FAQs. Please also provide us with your listing agent’s full information so we can contact them directly on your behalf.

After you move out, we’ll start working on the property, making any necessary fixes and improvements to prepare it for public viewing. Once the necessary enhancements are complete, we’ll proceed to list it for sale.

DealHouse uses pre-approved, proprietary software like DocuSign for our document signing requirements. Meanwhile, we use a certified title company and lawyers to handle paperwork and payments. This ensures we keep all your information, financial activities, and payments safe and secure. Maintaining your privacy throughout your dealings with us is our guarantee!

Questions About Our Pricing Process

With many years of home buying experience and hundreds of homes purchased by our team, you can count on DealHouse’s property purchasing professionals to deliver the best price possible. This means we will consider all relevant factors to determine your home’s actual value in the present home market. These factors might include comparable sales in your area that recently happened, the overall market condition in your area, etc. Furthermore, you simply have to ask for us to look at particulars about your home we need to take note of. We can also provide you with a quick overview of how our valuation stands up versus traditional home-selling routes. We can provide preliminary information about your property as fast as 24 hours!

If you sold your home through a real estate agent you can expect to pay 4-6% commissions, however DealHouse does not charge any fees or commissions because we are the actual buyer. You save money and cut out the middleman. 

Questions About Requesting and Accepting Our Offer

DealHouse will send you a purchase offer within 24 hours (1 business day) following your request. For your convenience, we will send it by email. The email will contain a link you can click to view our very competitive offer online. Should you have any further questions and concerns, you will also find our Customer Service contact information enclosed in this email.

Yes, we custom tailor every offer and each offer has an expiration after it’s been sent. You can verify the date/time on the offer page. You will also have an option to renew your offer after it expires. Simply click the “Renew Offer” link in the original offer email we send. DealHouse will email you another offer ASAP!

Once you agree to your offer, expect an email sent on our behalf from DocuSign. This email includes a very important attachment: the Sales Agreement. To make things easier, we have also included easy-to-follow instructions for what you will need to do next.

When you view your offer, you can choose your closing date within 5–90 days. This date will then be indicated in the final purchase contract you will receive via email the same day. If something changes and you need to make a slight change to your close date, let us know and we’ll do our best to make the adjustment.

Accepting our offer online is a significant step, but it doesn’t finalize the transaction entirely. After accepting the offer, our team will guide you through the remaining steps to complete the process. This may involve signing additional documents, coordinating the closing details, and addressing any specific requirements related to the property. Rest assured, our dedicated representatives will be there to assist you at every stage until the transaction is successfully concluded.

After you have signed the Sales Agreement and provided your attorney information, DealHouse will immediately contact both attorneys involved and/or title company as well as deposit the “earnest money” (money to confirm our contract) as soon as the following business day in most cases.

After both you and DealHouse (us) sign the purchase agreement contract, expect your house to go into escrow immediately.

Questions About Our Inspection Process

Most of the time we do not need to come and inspect your home unless we feel there is significant repair work that can not be evaluated online or through photos that you send us. If we do decide to inspect the home it will only take 10-15 minutes and is painless. 

Questions About Closing and Moving

You will be contacted by your attorney a couple of days before the closing date we agreed on. They will schedule with you when the closing documents need to be signed. You can also expect your payout check at the closing.

Expect the title company or attorney to reach out to you immediately after escrow is opened. They will be responsible for helping you concerning your house’s mortgage payoff or any liens and judgements.

Please ensure that all built-in items are left intact, which includes built-in appliances such as cooktops, dishwashers, built-in microwaves, ovens, built-in refrigerators, and stoves. Additionally, other built-in fixtures that must remain include ceiling fans, built-in BBQs, built-in fire pits, garage door openers and remotes, indoor light fixtures, outdoor landscape lighting, pool equipment, pool fencing, water heater, and window treatments.

As a rule, you can only take things that aren’t built-in (see above for things that are considered “built-in”). Some things are often overlooked when homes transition from home seller to home buyer. As a result, we strongly advise you, the home seller, to let us, the home buyer, know if you plan on taking something “built-in” with you like wall, bath, and kitchen fixtures, among many others.