Homeowners Pet Peeves about Home Selling
September 08, 2015

So, you’re ready to buy your dream house (your next one, anyway) but haven’t sold your current house yet. How much longer do you think it will take?

The longer it will take, the more hassle and headaches you are sure to face. After all, selling property consumes time, resources, and sometimes you think…your soul.

However, if you learn what the worst is about the home selling process, you might be able to avoid them or at last, avoid being surprised by them.

Here are the some of the most hated and frustrating things you can expect to deal with when selling your home:

The Top 6 homeowner pet peeves about selling your home:

1. 24/7 Stress

Somehow, when you take on the role of a home seller, you don’t seem to stop thinking about it from morning to night even while you’re working a full-time job. You can blame the reality the job of selling your home has too many details—most of them out of your control.

Sometimes, even hiring a realtor to assist you makes you worry even more. In the end, only shifting your mindset that home selling is definitely an epic adventure you look forward to daily might be the only way to keep you sane.

2. Prep-Work Blues

Worse than your home selling duties interrupting your workday, the sheer act of hosting open houses for your property can quickly take over your home life especially if you happen to live at the home you are selling. Not only will you need to rush home when you have a “viewing” scheduled, but you will need to vacate your home after leaving it in “show-ready” mode when the need dictates.

Even worse, you will need to take your pets with you or spend the cash to board them in a kennel or pet spa. Of course, you can likewise shell out more hard-earned cash for professional stagers to do a better job making your house habitable in the eyes of potential buyers.

3. Need a Thick Skin

Of course, you’re curious just what people say about your home after touring it. Fortunately, your realtor can’t seem to lie to save their life. So, you hear about a grease spot in the driveway, your bathroom being too small, and your place smelling like wet dog.

Fortunately, this insulting feedback is mixed in with a few compliments like your video game collection being awesome and your garden being neat. You shouldn’t take anything these strangers who visited your home today seriously. After all, your goal isn’t to make new friends. It’s to sell your house.

4. Low Offers You Laugh At

It never fails, potential buyers start out with a low-ball offer, ridiculously low. Of course, real estate veterans will attest this is all part of the negotiation process. Experienced buyers know they will eventually need to bid up. Even if your home has been on the market for a while, try to stay calm. Showing desperation will only keep them low.

Watch out for buyers who will likewise grill you on the presence of needed minor repairs. It is more advisable to see to the repairs so these kinds of buyers won’t be able to low ball you on small matters like this.

5. Unsure Closing Date

The closing date is the culmination of everything you’ve worked for. Unfortunately, your realtor might not be able to accommodate the schedule you requested, or the buyer tries to push it further when you just literally want to move on with your life.

And once the closing date has happened, don’t forget you will now have to move. You might already have a new house to stay at, if so, you timed everything right. Try to set aside some time after closing not only recuperate but to do some planning.

6. Last Minute Buyer Bailout

Finally, all kinds of circumstances can sour your deal like your buyer bailing out. It happens! From getting their mortgage denied to them getting cold feet. It means just one thing for the home seller really: Back to square one.

On the other hand, you might be the cause of a pending sale stopped in its tracks like the home inspection finding some big and expensive issues with your house or a low appraisal, both requiring “do or die” negotiations with the buyer.

As you can see from the above, selling your home comes with all kinds of problems and rewards. As long as you integrate your real estate activities into your daily routine, you should do fine. Hang in there!

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Chris Chiarenza