Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing The DealHouse Way
October 15, 2019

Revolutionizing real estate marketing the DealHouse way

Selling a home, arguably one’s highest value asset is a seismic event in the lives of most people. When the deal closes, and there’s the luxury of a 20/20 lookback, the price it sold for and the speed it sold at are the measures of success.

When reality fails expectations on either or both of these items, of course, it creates disappointment. Traditional marketing in the residential real estate market has, for years, been the “without-thinking” go-to system for both buyers and sellers.

Talking Long Island specifically, in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, realtors like Remax, Coldwell Banker, and Elliman held almost monopolistic control of ownership change. The trouble is that closed sales often disappointed sellers up and down the region.

Traditional Home Selling – Are there real drawbacks?

Realtor snags emerge the minute you cotton onto the fact that your agent is only a middleman between seller and homebuyer. Real estate agents can’t temper the emotions of fickle buyers coming to irrational conclusions on walkthroughs and show days.

It’s especially so in a neutral and buyer’s market. On Long Island, that’s generally the case. 

The traditional route frequently costs time or money to preempt buyer turnoffs. Most of it eats into the offer value or slows everything down. Moreover, there’s considerable homebuyer frustration in meeting realtor demands to get the home show-ready. Here are a few examples:

  • It takes weeks to select from multiple realtor offices in the region
  • Changing realtors and starting from scratch after (on occasion) realizing that you signed up with the wrong one. 
  • Seemingly endless walkthroughs and show days to give the home the necessary market exposure.
  • Untidiness and clutter negatively impact homebuyer sentiments. Storage space costs money, let alone the somewhat lengthy and tedious task of decluttering the home. 
  • Creating great curb appeal, so that home buyers get a good first impression. Poor exterior aesthetics can take the air out of what’s to follow.
  • Fixups and renovations are biggies. Some agents tend to highlight that “hotspot areas” like kitchens and flooring need remodeling to give the home an edge versus the long line of competitive listings. Return of your investment in the short term is unlikely, and there’s also the danger of over-capitalizing (i.e., homebuyers are reluctant to pay for the changes for any number of subjective reasons).
  • After-offer happenings often implode deals. The most common ones are home inspections revealing previously invisible imperfections and buyers unable to raise a mortgage or sell their own homes (i.e., contingency terms in the closing offer).

New ways to sell your house fast, for fair value  

DealHouse entered the market to reinvent the way a home is sold by shifting control back to the homeowner. The competition was quick to label the company as a “house flipper,” hoping that the connotation would halt DealHouse’s progress in its tracks.

However, with much hard work and entrepreneurial perseverance, DealHouse’s professional approach won through. Residents in towns like Lindenhurst, Farmingdale, Brightwaters, and Huntington Station realized that there was much more to the company’s innovative offers than met the eye. 

Here’s the crux of the matter: The typical house flipper feeds on a home seller’s frustration, disappointment, and desperation from traditional realtor failure. They zone in on emotional weakness throwing in lowball offers like a 25% discount on current market value.

It works a lot of the time, but it leaves distaste and multiplied disappointment in its wake. Giving your home away in the interest of getting cash quickly, without connecting to a fair value calculation, is not the solution. 

So how is DealHouse so different?

Sure, DealHouse sells and buys houses, but it’s a small part of the story from the home seller’s viewpoint. We deliver a speedier and easier sale, with a fair market value offer – closing the deal when the home seller wants it.

Our professional advisors look through the distractions of bad curb appeal, clutter, drab kitchens, and outdated floors without penalty to your eventual offer. In one fell swoop, it removes realtor interviews and listing appointments, home staging, home showings, hosting open houses, and endless other hassles.

We offer a trusted new route that fits the digital era like a hand in glove. Our vision returns the control and advantage to the homeowner, where it belongs.

There’s ample evidence that homeowners see that a DealHouse offer is a genuine way out of an unwinnable selling spiral. Once delivered close to twenty-four hours from contact, you can rely on it not to fall away under any circumstances. There are no after-offer inspections or mortgage convolutions that can disrupt the process moving to a closing date you choose.

The best part of it is that you get cash in your hands comparable to current neighborhood value, less reasonable repair costs observed during our inspection. It works seamlessly, and the benefits are compelling from every angle.

Can I take your word for it?

You can, but we don’t expect you to. Our five-star client reviews speak louder than 1000 words.

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A real case study

A Smithtown family client completed DealHouse’s online offer request. After a quick inspection under the watchful eye of our professional assessors, they received an offer within one business day for their $400,000 home.

It was significantly higher than anything they had seen after working with two different realtors over six months. They accepted it happily, and in no time, easy terms aligned with the freedom and flexibility to choose their closing dates. They found a new home in 60 days without pressure.

DealHouse Provides Convenience and Confidence for Our Clients

DealHouse helps families like yours that need us to act fast. We erase the headaches and hassles from the home selling process and put good cash into your pocket.

We remove the months and months of waiting for realtors to deliver a closed deal. Try DealHouse’s way once, and you’ll agree there’s no other way to sell your home.

We have helped many happy homeowners sell their residences stress-free. Our team is proud that the DealHouse fast and fair service provides a solution sellers have been asking for, for years.

Contact us, and we’ll be there with little delay to make an onsite inspection. Within 24 hours, you’ll have a cash offer that cannot fall away. The bottom line to you is a fair market valuation after deducting reasonable repair costs. 

Remove the multitude of homebuyer emotions from the process that inevitably drive prices down. Carry on with your everyday schedules without the traditional inconvenience.

Trust the fact that saving your money on rectifying aesthetics didn’t play negatively into your offer value. The DealHouse benefits are compelling, reliable, and legendary in the Long Island region – ask any of its long client list giving stellar reviews

Chris Chiarenza